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Stalybridge is a small, picturesque market town between the sprawling metropolis of Manchester and the breathtaking beauty of the Pennines and surrounding countryside.


We have an amazing town. 

The Town Hall may have gone, but the town remains. 
The Town is not made of buildings, a town is made up of people. 

People who believe in our town. 
People for who the word community is not just a noun, but a verb.

A building may be knocked down, roads may be closed, facilities and amenities may be sold off, replaced or closed. However the heart of the community lies with it's people.


The more often people are willing to stand together and to work towards goals that benefit OUR town the greater the heart of the community will become. 

Stalybridge: YOUR town, OUR town: STALYBRIDGE TOWN

Stalybridge Town Blog

Read more on our community blog by clicking this link.

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