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S.M.A.R.T planning to Fiver Fest

S = Specific

Our town needs to grow and develop. To plan how we, the business owners, can help the high street Stalybridge Town have been looking at the SMART Goal method.

  • What specific goals can we achieve

  • Why do we want to achieve them

  • When do we intend to complete this campaign &

  • How are we going to achieve it.

The next 'What' on the list is the Fiver Fest in October. Lorna, from Feather my Nest, is working on this while I am developing some online features.

The 'Why' is that we do not want to lose the public footfall on our high streets.

The 'When' is October 8th to 22nd this year.

The 'How' is

  • up to the 16th September we want to know who wants to be involved then we will get to work gathering details about what you are offering for £5.

  • 17th to 1st October we will share a link to some promotional price tags for these items and posters, so customers know the item is a Fiver Fest offer or that your outlet is involved. During this time, we will also gather some details, photos etc and put your offer online so Google will pick it up.

  • From 1st October to the 22nd October we will promote the town centre outlets and offers on our main page and ask customers to share what they have bought with a photo either at the outlet or my sending one to the page.

  • Add your town centre business to our new business listing by completing the form on this link.

As mentioned on other blogs

The Fiver Fest website states

"We’re not waiting for the government or some big organisation to do something,
we are cracking on and doing it ourselves.
Like before, no fuss. Let's make it happen locally."

Let's do this.


M = Measureable

to follow on Friday 8th September



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