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Make Your Goals Achievable. Make Your Goals SMART.

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

The Fiver Fest website states

"We’re not waiting for the government or some big organisation to do something, we are cracking on and doing it ourselves. Like before, no fuss. Let's make it happen locally."

We start by looking at the specific aims for the town and for our individual businesses.

What exactly are you trying to achieve this month and this quarter?

Collectively as a town what are our aims this month and this quarter.

Remember a goal must be action oriented. The goal is something that on which one can actively work and has control over it with specific activities required to meet the goal. Be sure and confident of action to be taken to give shape of reality of the dream.

Share your aims in the comments along with what you are doing to make this happen. It may help another business owner too.

Stalybridge Town Business Network aims this month are to redirect the page from adverts that many people gloss over to a page that actively aims to encourage businesses to look at the offering and presentation, to learn new skills to help their business grow and to facilitate events from the businesses by the businesses that focus on bring customers old and new into the town. Quarterly the aim of the page is to attract customers to the town with the Fiver Fest in October. Develop a sponsored cover photo campaign and to develop a new town centre business listing on in November alongside Small Business Saturday in December.


S is for Specific

Specific: target a particular area for improvement

When writing a specific goal for your business consider the following bullet points (CFI Team, 2022)

  • Who is critical for this task to complete and achieve its target?

This is a wide field of possibilities, most goals need someone, either to help make it happen, clients to participate, or new clients to attend or reach. Make a comprehensive and honest list.

  • What are the indications that the goal has been accomplished?

The is a short-term target, every business wants more clients, more products and expansion but with this task the target needs to be short term. 6 to 12 weeks maximum.

  • Where is the location of the activity?

Where is the activity taking place? Are there any time constraints to consider for travelling or packing up? Do you have to seek permission and is the venue covered with sufficient insurance if required.

  • When does the campaign commence and conclude?

Specific dates help focus the activity for the goal to succeed. Is the time spent arranging the event paid for by the events success. Consider the time available to your clients and ensure that adequate advertising of the event is undertaken at a suitable time before the event.

  • Why is the successful completion of this goal beneficial to your business?

Nobody wants to complete a task just for completion's sake. Knowing what your specific intention is and how it will benefit your business will help formulate a specific answer as to why this is important.


SMART Specific Planning
Download PDF • 46KB


CFI Team (2022). SMART Goal - Definition, Guide, and Importance of Goal Setting. [online] Corporate Finance Institute. Available at: [Accessed 12 Sep. 2022].



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