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Weekly Hashtags for STBN

Stalybridge Town Business Network only works with your involvement. Each weekday we post a different hashtag and challenge. These are all designed to help you promote your Stalybridge Town centre business in engaging ways.



Everyone knows the standard advertising methodology has only a small percentage return to effort. That is why we all try to get our adverts seen and out there, and if we can do it for free - even better. However even free takes time out of your day. On a Thursday share a customer testimonial from a satisfied client. Use an art program like (free version) to make it into an image. We can share these on our page and website where appropriate.

For new customers it is far more effective to hear someone else talk about the value of your offering than to see yet another 'buy now' advert.

Do you have a happy client who let you know. Share a testimonial from them in the comments on Thursdays.



Do you have a Facebook page? Add a link to the comments of this thread.

Once you have added your link, take a moment to encourage the other posters and like all the Facebook pages above yours.

Add a 'like' for a like and a 'love' for a like and a page visit on their comment

This is a great way to support another business, and gain support for your business without spending a penny.

Use today to share or pass on a smile than with a like with an expression of support. Let's make it happen.



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