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Fiver Fest: 8th - 22nd October 2022

To quote from the Totally Locally website

It’s a chance for independent businesses to use their collective power to encourage people back to our town centres, to say thank you to customers who supported them during these testing times and to prove once again, that the small guys can compete with the online giants & the supermarkets. In fact they beat them hands down in many ways, but most of all their contribution to our local economies.
We’re not waiting for the government or some big organisation to do something, we are cracking on and doing it ourselves. Like before, no fuss.

We could not put it better, lets make Stalybridge the place to be for small, independent businesses. Come and spend £5 in Stalybridge Town centre, if you spend £5 in a small business then you are helping to grow the local economy.

  • You are helping a son or daughter go to play football, dance, learn to swim or take up a musical instrument.

  • You are helping a college leaver find local employment.

  • You are helping a local family provide a service for the community.

  • You are keeping Stalybridge Town alive and vibrant for our children and grandchildren.

  • You are helping our older generation have somewhere local to shop instead of having to travel further afield.

  • You are writing the tomorrow's history today.

What did you buy for £5 in a Stalybridge Town small business today?



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