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MegaSlam Wrestling!

I'm a wrestling fan. I always have been since I was lounged on my sofa in 2003 mindlessly flicking through 900 Sky TV channels when I saw a man as big as a house pick up and throw another man 10ft out of the ring onto the commentators desk.

Now to anyone who judges that statement, bear in mind I was 7 years old and I'd still not really gotten over the Power Rangers yet. And while I may have lost some enthusiasm along the way during my teen years it doesn't mean I didn't keep up to date with who is in or out of the WWE or shrug off going to Local Wrestling events. I've been to two in the last week in fact!

I wouldn't say I could review this as a professional because I lack the credentials and the reputation. But I can write an article as a fan of wrestling.

And it was amazing.

The Wrestlers played their parts very well with only minor errors, The hits sounded like they hurt and there was nothing fake about the suplexes and over the shoulder throws that tossed them around. Though if I'm completely honest it was the crowd that were the real entertainers, Brilliant cheers and woos from the crowd to get everyone ready for the next move! It was on par with my experience the night before at Sheffield Arena, which even included former WWE superstars. It was amazing seeing the Children get up and get excited and cheer for the heroes when they broke out of pins, or boo'd the villains when they jeered at the crowds with insults. Made me wish I still saw it through their eyes on Friday, They must have seemed like Heroes in that ring to them. Even the Referee had to sign a few autographs! An amazing family event to be sure, wish I could have brought more people!

I even got to bring a friend who had never really seen Wrestling live or gotten into the sport that much. He leaned over to me during the third match of Megaslam and said "Yeah okay this is pretty good." I always find it hard to talk about Wrestling. Mostly because it's hard to dispel the opinions that surround it, I mean, the amount of times someone has told me it was fake during my 15 years of watching it I cannot even fathom counting.

But if you gave it a chance, if you sacrifice one evening of Corrie to take your little boys and girls out to even a local wrestling match you won't regret it. Yeah. Sometimes it's corny, sometimes it's a bit beyond belief and when it's bad, it's bad. But when it's good, It's one of the best things you can take your family too.

And Megaslam Wrestling was one of the best local wrestling events I've seen in a few years, so do yourself a favor and go see one of their shows. Get your kid a foam finger and watch them be at the edge of their seat for every jump from the turnbuckle.



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