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Christmas Candle 2015; December 13th

Winter is here - Let us welcome him on, Remember Old Christmas is near; And when Christmas with all his gay feasting has gone, Why then we've the merry New Year; Here's a health to the rich who will give to the poor, Let Plenty and Mercy ne'er part, And though bitter winds blow through the white clouds of snow, No Winter shall fall on the heart.

We at are taking our Christmas Candle to 3 different shops in the town every day to celebrate the Christmas season! We bring our candle, donated by Swanky Candles, and Christmas decorations and take a photo of the owner in their shop with their products. Would you like us to bring the Christmas Candle to your shop? Let us know in the comments!

This poem is called 'December' by Eliza Cook and can be found here:

No. 10 Cafe:

Address: 10 Armentiers Square, SK15 2BR, Telephone: 0161 303 9344 "Happy holidays from us at No. 10 cafe, Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas."

Florence & Amelia: Address: 17 Corporation Street, SK15 2JL. Telephone: 0161 637 1830

"Wishing you all the joys of the season and happiness from us at F&A's, May you have a spectacular New Year as well!

Music Corner: Address: 17 Melbourne St, SK15 2JE Telephone: 0161 303 9966

"Hope you're all having a great December so far, Thanks for all your support through-out the year. Couldn't do it without you!"

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