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Christmas Candle 2015; December 10th

Christmas, with its joy and cheer, Comes but only once each year. Not enough as it may seem For my goodness to redeem, Without disregard or slight, All the bountiful delight So justly earned by my degree Of virtue through this year, you see. A steady stream of good deeds flowed, And for the effort now l'm owed Acknowledgment with gifts I need That some would say consists of greed. Since such a good boy I have been, Replete with care, devoid of sin, With all my presents piled so high I hope Santa's sleigh can fly.

We at are taking our Christmas Candle to 3 different shops in the town every day to celebrate the Christmas season! We bring our candle, donated by Swanky Candles, and Christmas decorations and take a photo of the owner in their shop with their products. Would you like us to bring the Christmas Candle to your shop? Let us know in the comments!

The poem is called 'A Good Boy' and it's by R.L. Kilgore and can be found here:

All Fabrics:

Address: 61 Grosvenor Street, SK15 2JN Telephone: 0161 478 8236 "Wishing everyone has a wonderful holiday season and a peaceful New Year. Hope you're all in good health."

Mayer's Opticians:

Address: 46 Grosvenor St, SK15 1RR. Telephone: 0161 303 7773

"Our sincerest thanks and warmest wishes to our customers for the Holiday Season and throughout the New Year."

Bridge Nails:

Address: 39A Melbourne St, SK15 2JJ Telephone: 0161 222 9820

"Thank you for everything you've done for us this year, Hope you've had a good one. Happy Holidays."

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