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Christmas Candle 2015; December 8th

There's a dear old tree--an evergreen tree And it blossoms once a year 'Tis loaded with fruit from top to root And brings to all good cheer.

For its blossoms bright are candles white And its fruits are dolls and toys And they all are free for both you and me If we're good little girls and boys!

We at are taking our Christmas Candle to 3 different shops in the town every day to celebrate the Christmas season! We bring our candle, donated by Swanky Candles, and Christmas decorations and take a photo of the owner in their shop with their products. Would you like us to bring the Christmas Candle to your shop? Let us know in the comments!

The Author of the poem is Luella Wilson Smith and can be found here;

The People's Gallery: Address: 2 Melbourne Street, SK15 2JJ.

Telephone: 0161 338 8333 "Thank everybody for their support for the People's Gallery especially the volunteers. All the best to everyone in 2016!" Be Creative: Address: 3 Corporation Street, SK15 2JL.

Telephone: 07748 063697 "Thanks for all your help this year at our shop, All the best and Merry Christmas we hope to see you all well next year!" Choice Computers: Address: 1 Corporation Street, SK15 2JL.

Telephone: 0161 304 9284 "We at Choice Computers hope you had a good year this time around and wish all the luck in the future. Happy Holidays!"

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