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Stalybridge Bronze Plaque

DID YOU KNOW ?? A bronze plaque as seen in the picture sparked controversy in Mottram as it included the former TMBC Council leader 'Roy Oldham's house ? SURELY it is MORE controversial that over the period of 2009/10 a total of £6717.00 was paid for a similar plaque for the Town of Stalybridge yet, as yet is to see the light of day !! These costs included an 'oak stand with roof', lots of research with local history groups and depicted the industrial heritage of Stalybridge. Wouldn't this make a lovely addition to uour town for residents and visitors alike to enjoy ? Maybe in Grosvenor Square, Armentieres Square or Lord Tom Pendry Square ?? Through communication with our various contacts we have been led to believe that there was a 'Shortfall' of just £500.00 for the 'site fix'. Described as 'Particularly Beautiful' by a former councillor involved with the project it seems such a shame that the project can't be completed . . . Although we have reached a dead end to the 'whereabouts' of the plaque you can rest assured that we will continue our research and update you with any information that we find. If you would like to see the plaque located in Stalybridge, Please give this post a 'LIKE'. After all, ' WE HAVE PAID FOR IT !!! ' Thank you for reading,

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