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Small Business Saturday

Can you afford not to get involved?

What is it?

Small Business Saturday is a grassroots, non-commercial national campaign, the idea behind which is to support, inspire and promote small business in their local communities. It`s FREE to take part.

How will it benefit you? This is an opportunity to promote your small business and get it in front of potential customers. Join in the Stalybridge campaign and your business will be featured on both and the Town Team websites as well as across social media and in the local press. The aim is to get people thinking about the small businesses in Stalybridge Town Centre and to get them to shop small on Small Business Saturday on 5th December.

What’s happening on the day?

1. Free Prize Draw We are looking to run a free prize draw for any customers who shop locally on the day itself in participating shops in Stalybridge Town Centre. When you sign up to take part in the day we would ask you to donate a prize of any size from your own business to go into the hamper. We will issue you `free of charge` raffle tickets to give to each customer who makes a purchase from your shop on the Saturday. At the end of the day tickets will be collected, a customer’s ticket will be drawn. The winner will receive a hamper made up of products donated from all of the participating shops.

2. Christmas themed Best Dressed Window Competition

Window displays are actively encouraged from all of the businesses in the town centre. Window displays need to be ready to launch by Small Business Saturday on 5th December and run through until Christmas Eve. Customers and the public at large will vote for the winners via the Stalybridgetown Facebook page, with prizes being awarded on 24th December.

3. Your own customer incentives.

You can decorate your business premises to let people know something is on....Offer a discount on the day......Offer a free product with any purchase over a certain amount.....Free gift wrap.....or offer a Discount voucher to spend on next visit to bring new customers back to your shop again.

How do I get involved?

Sign up by 1st November latest in one of the following town centre shops so we know you are participating and find out how you can obtain a FREE promotional and information pack:

  • Florence & Amelia’s

  • Music Corner

  • E Taylor & Son

Join make Small business Saturday a big day in Stalybridge.

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