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Neighbourhood Services Consultation

Opens 25th September 2015 – Closes 23rd October 2015

Please help us to make decisions about the future of Neighbourhood Services by completing the survey link below:

Neighbourhood Services responds to concerns from local residents about a range of issues that affect their day to day lives. Examples of the types of issues Neighbourhood Services address include:

  • Anti-social behaviour

  • Neighbour disputes

  • Dog fouling reports

  • Environmental problems such as overhanging vegetation on the pavement

  • Fly tipping and rubbish in the streets

  • Untidy gardens

  • Working with the police and other organisations to reduce crime and disorder and offending

  • Supporting elderly people to stay active and safe

  • Supporting victims of crime by helping them to better secure their properties

The Youth Service is also an important part of Neighbourhood Services which:

  • Delivers Citizenship work with young people across the Borough

  • Provides a range of evening and weekend activities for young people to get involved in

  • Develops the skills of young people to play an active and positive role in the communities they live in and about the issues that matter to them

  • Works closely with schools and youth groups to deliver Duke of Edinburgh awards

  • Provides activities for young people who have additional needs such as physical or learning disabilities, or those young people who are struggling with the pressures of the lives they have.

The Neighbourhoods Service works closely with the local community so that solutions are developed together. Working in partnership means there is a much better chance of the solutions working so problems are resolved.


The cost to run Neighbourhood services is currently £1.8 million and this pays for our teams to carry out the work described above.

Since 2010 the Council has had £104 million less to spend on services due to funding cuts from the Government. Over the next 5 years we know the Government will continue to make further cuts to our funding. We expect that will mean another £90 million less to spend on services. That’s nearly £200 million over the 10 year period.

Cuts in funding from Government have a significant impact on how much the Council has to spend on services as Government funding provides the greater proportion of the Council’s finance. In fact, the money raised from Council Tax paid by local residents makes up only one third of the Council’s funding.

As a result of these cuts, Neighbourhood Services needs to reduce its budget by nearly 50%. We want you to help us make decisions about the future of the service by taking part in our consultation. We don’t have a choice about the budget reductions but we want to consider your views to help shape a new, smaller service.

Please help us to make these decisions by completing the consultation survey which can be accessed by clicking on the link below:

Lisa Lees

Head of Neighbourhood Services

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