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COURAGEOUS firefighters from Stalybridge

COURAGEOUS firefighters from Stalybridge were recognised for their actions in saving a man who suffered a cardiac arrest before Christmas, 2014.

Blue Watch were presented with a Certificate of Outstanding Performance by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service's Deputy County Fire Officer Jim Owen.

The crew managed to revive Andrew Scholes, who had suffered a cardiac arrest while carrying out his duties for United Utilities.

Mr Scholes, his wife Debbie and daughters Sophie and Abby all from Chadderton attended the station to see Blue Watch receive their award and thank them.

Watch Manager, Gary Philips, said: "We were training in the station on December 22, 2014 and could hear our station doorbell going again and again, so we knew there must be something wrong.

"One of the lads ran to the door and the proprietor of Top Gun Flight Simulator Centre was at the door saying he needed us urgently.

"We turned ourselves out and when we arrived we were met with a man lying unconscious on the floor in a flight simulator.

"We gave the man first aid and shocked him with a defibrillator. The paramedics arrived soon after and praised the watch for the work they did and said we'd given him the best chance of survival he could get."

On presenting the award DCFO Jim Owen said: "Most crews especially when you meet them in an informal setting will say we were just doing our job and they're often very bashful of being made a fuss of.

"One of the things I say to crews who feel that way is don't because you rob the opportunity for people to say thank-you and value you for the work that you do.

"Stepping forward and receiving certificates like this gives everybody the opportunity to recognise your efforts."

Andrew Scholes' wife Debbie and her colleagues from British Gas Revenue Protection were so thankful for Blue Watch's efforts that they raised almost £700 for the Fire Fighters Charity along with their colleagues in Southampton.

Rick Monton, Revenue Protection Consultant, from British Gas' office in Hattersley presented a cheque to Alan Knell the Fire Fighter's Charity North-West Regional Fundraising Co-Ordinator.

Alan said: "To raise that amount of money in such a short amount of time is fantastic - it's enough to pay for a firefighter's treatment to recover from an injury for a week - it's really fantastic."

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