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When the shutters go down on the shop windows and the sun sets, Stalybridge town centre puts on it's make up and shows the area a whole new face. That make up style has changed constantly over the years, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse but it's always colourful.

Today we are on the cusp of further evolution and it's all started to happen without anybody even realising. Today someone described Stalybridge as "the best place in Tameside to see live bands." When you take a step back from the blinkered view many people have due to the sometimes tainted reputation of a couple of establishments that Stalybridge has become the Ashton of the 80's, you realise that statement is actually true.

We have started to look at just who is playing in Stalybridge and where. You have so many genres from tribute acts to fresh young bands with new songs and open mic nights where you can hear some of the raw, untapped talent.

I think the keys to the future of Stalybridge and it's night life are music and culture. We are rich in both. This summer we will celebrate both and do more to show just what we have to offer in and around the town after sundown.

We will compile comprehensive coverage and try to reach all tastes. We would like to invite you to tell us who you've seen play live in Stalybridge recently and where. Send us your gig reviews and photos.

Are you in a unsigned band? Let us know who you are, where you play and if you can, supply us with links to videos or send us a few tracks to share with the community.

Going to start the ball rolling later today and introduce you to a local band called Crash Landing who have a gig coming up in the White House soon.

Culture is driven by people. It's time for us to steer in a new direction.


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Picture: Crash Landing at a recent gig at Q Bar, Stalybridge

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