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Five Penny Piece

Some members of the Fivepenny Piece who sang traditional North Country music in the 1970s were from Stalybridge. The band performed songs such as Stalybridge Station and Stalybridge Market. They also took In Bowton's Yard, the work of local poet Samuel Laycock, and put it to music.

The Fivepenny Piece are a five-piece band formed originally in 1967 in Stalybridge in Cheshire and Ashton under Lyne in Lancashire in northern England - all members of the band were from Stalybridge or nearby Ashton-under-Lyne. Originally called The Wednesday Folk, they used to meet up at Ashton's Broadoak Hotel on Wednesday evenings to entertain the locals.

The Fivepenny Piece's music can be categorised as "Lancashire folk". This though is misleading, as they rarely played traditional folk music (whatever that is); rather they played mainly original material covering a broad spectrum of styles which makes them difficult to pigeon-hole. The music ranges from what might be described as 'pop-folk' (typified by The Seekers), to Easy Listening/Pop, to 'Lancashire' music - songs in the Lancashire idiom reflecting their roots.

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