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My Town

A poem by J.P.Dunn that sums up the passion for our town.

This poem was donated by a trader.

My Town

I know my town and I love my town And I want to help it be As great a town to everyone As it seems to be to me. I praise my town and cheer my town And I try to spread its fame And I know what a splendid thing 'twould be If all would do the same. I trust my town, I boost my town And I want to do my part To make a town that all may praise From the depths of every heart. I like my town and every one And I want my town to grow, If I knock my town or block my town That would not be nice, you know, I sing my town and preach my town As I think a fellow should. Who has more at stake than to win or make For the love of the common good. I Tm very proud of my town And I want to help her rise To'be the finest city This side of Paradise. So it's a good thing to get together And it's a good thing to know When we all pull together We will make a great big show. Good bye to all the knockers And welcome the booster crowd. Let us all get out and hustle For a bigger and better town.

The Plains Poems in Kansas J. P. Dunn (Independence: --. 19??) Page 15


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