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Memories of Childhood: Sunday

For most of us, we dressed in our best and went to either the Church down the road or the Chapel on the corner. But before we went, mother would put the meat to roast and prepare the potatoes and vegetables. The sermon was usually long, but we had to sit still and not fidget. As we set off home we met our school friends who did not believe in working on the Sabbath: they would go home to a plate of sandwiches or cold cuts. We walked home for our dinner: if times were hard dad had most of the meat, and the children had potatoes and gravy. In the afternoon, it was back up the road to Sunday school for the children whilst mother and father had a well earned rest: mother would have her weekly treat of Fry’s chocolate. Back home, it was reading aloud or family games such as ludo, snakes and ladders, chess or other board games. At other times we did cork work and the older girls would learn to knit or practice their sewing. Those who didn’t go to Sunday school usually went for walks with their parents to the nearest countryside. Then an early night ready for work and school.

The year ended with Christmas, but the best bit was waiting for it! We would stand with our noses pressed into the glass of the toy-shop window looking at the big yacht, talking dolls or steam engines which we could never have but dreamed of. After all, someone would buy them! Christmas morning meant a stocking with a set of handkerchiefs or books, gloves, nuts, an orange, and maybe a ball, a wind-up toy, a new purse, a ragdoll or maybe, just maybe, a few coppers to spend.

From a book of Memories compiled by Kathryn A. Booth.

This book of memories is compiled from the stories told about life around the time of World War 1. It is used in some Senior Citizens homes to help recall memories of times past. If you would like to add any of your families memories from this time, please use the contact form below.

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