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Midnight Of My Live- a Short Film about Steve Marriott

Stalybridge resident Nina Gerstenberger has written a short film script about one of the most influential musicians of all time and icon of the British music scene – Steve Marriott – which has gone into production. Highly respected and critically acclaimed actor of over 40 films going back to 1979’s Quadrophenia, Phil Davis will direct Midnight Of My Life.

Phil says of the script “It's a short film with a simple story but it's a great story and it's important. Being in the music business isn't all about success and celebrity. Steve was a brilliant songwriter, mean guitarist and had one of the all time great rock and roll voices. This little film is a fitting tribute to him and all the other talents who fell from grace but carried on playing because they loved it.”

The production team will launch a crowd-funding campaign on 01.12.2014 to raise the budget to make the film. More information about the film and on how to support it can be found here: Facebook: Twitter:

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