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Christmas Candle, 23rd December 2013


I remember when we started the Christmas Candle and Christmas itself still seemed a long time a way. Well all of a sudden it's Christmas Eve tomorrow!

Today I called into what has to be one of the busiest places I've been to this last few weeks. If you're quick there may just be time to pick up something fresh and floral from Four Seasons Flowers on Grosvenor Street.

Looking at the hustle and bustle of what is a true family business brought back fond memories of my own childhood in Stalybridge. It was lovely to see generations of family within the shop and all chipping in. I tried to capture a little of the atmosphere in the pic, hope you like it.

Four Seasons have a fantastic range of gift ideas. They also cater for all occasions including weddings, parties and funerals. Next time you want to say it with flowers don't be so quick to pick up the smart phone or start up the laptop. Come down into Stalybridge and pick the blooms yourself or give them a call and speak personally to the florist. Whether it's thank you or sorry, they won't let you down.

For tonight we wish a safe and warm goodnight to Stalybridge and all our townsfolk.

Sleep well.


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