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Christmas Candle, 21st December 2013


On what is the shortest day of the year we would like to share our Christmas Candle post from another one of our long standing traders.

In the early 90's I remember being thrilled when Henry's Consoles began trading in Stalybridge. It's first location was in the market hall. In the early days of the gaming market and the upsurge of home PC's they began serving the community with the latest technology. As it has evolved through its premises on Melbourne Street and now in its current location on Corporation Street it has become the place to find all your PC consumables and hardware.

Again I can say that I can personally vouch for their services. I went in about 3 years ago called in and spoke to Mike Marrow, proprietor, where I asked him to put me a PC together that would take the latest software and high graphics capability (I had to sample Warcraft in a proper environment). To this day it remains my main home PC and compiling this very post using the very same one. Biggest bonus. It cost me less than £200. The equivalent would still cost at least double with the leading brands in PC retailers.

While I was there a lovely lady was having trouble with her phone and her notebook. Mike was obviously very busy and however lovely his customer was she had very basic knowledge of the technology she was using, it's problems and their causes. Within ten minutes he'd removed a broken memory card from her smart phone and replaced it then updated system drivers on her notebook. He then took a few seconds to smile and say Merry Christmas to us all.

Mike Marrow kind of sums up Stalybridge. Never too busy!

Next time you need a PC or your laptop is on the blink, give Mike a call at Henry's and say hi. He'll be more than happy to help.

On another cold one, we wish you a very fond goodnight Stalybridge. Sleep well.


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