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Christmas Candle, 20th December 2013


Another late one! At this time of year we could do with an extra couple of hours in each day to get prepared for the big one.

Today I called in on Prestige Kitchens on Waterloo Road with our Christmas Candle. Peter has been at the helm of this family business since 1983 and they are well respected in the industry.

While I was there they were busy updating the showroom with yet another high quality, very practical kitchen. Their pristine showroom is definitely worth a visit when you're looking to modernise. In this case I can also personally vouch for their services. The kitchen in my house was supplied by Prestige over ten years ago and the work surfaces are as good today as they were the day they arrived.

I hope you're enjoying the journey our Christmas Candle has been making and I hope you continue to support our amazing Stalybridge traders and business holders all year round.

For now Stalybridge we bid you goodnight with the warning that you may need your de-icer and an extra ten minutes to start your day in the morning. Winter is definitely upon us!

Sleep well.


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