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Christmas Candle, 17th December 2013

Goodnight Stalybridge.....

Tonights Christmas Candle post is from Stalybridge Homecare on Market Street.

Stalybridge Homecare has been around for as long as I can remember. I am sure my grandfather shopped there, and I know my father does. I can't say I do a lot of DIY myself; but I know that if I needed something Mike Lillie would know and be able to explain it in a way I could understand before I left.

The shop has been in Stalybridge for 32 years; before which Mr Lillie used to make the Lancashire Boiler which was The workhorse of the boiler industry during the first part of the 20th Century. During this conversation I learnt about a famous Victorian engineer who had a big influence locally did I know a Daniel Adamson. I mentioned "oh the gentleman who formed the symphonic military band in Dukinfield." Apparently he did more than form a band with an interesting uniform and hats that do the whit walks.

Ooops. It seems he saved lots of lives with his invention plus, he was a distant relative of the Mr Lillie.

It seems a certain Fred Dibnah was interested in the story too, until he sadly passed away. However I was asked to point everyone in the direction of the Fred Dibnah Heritage Centre at (07976 812 596) ; being a big fan of Fred's programs I agreed.

It is so easy to pop to B & Q when you need something DIY based, but Stalybridge has a shopkeeper with more experience than most.

Well worth a visit, pop in, have a look around and next time you need a bolt, piece of tubing, a thingumy to hold that whatever just there, or even a simple ... Mr Lillie will have it along with an interesting story and service that is second to none.

(I don't think I will forget what I learnt about raw plugs in one short visit)

Merry Christmas

Goodnight Stalybridge and sleep well and deep, wherever you are tonight.


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