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Christmas Candle, 14th December 2013


This weekend we took our candle into what is usually a smoke free zone. Vapours on Grosvenor Street.

You know what's going to happen this festive season. It's on the cards that at Christmas we'll over indulge then come New Years Day we'll all be full of resolutions to change ourselves for the better.

If your New Year Resolution for 2014 is to give up smoking then the first place you should think about visiting is Vapours. The success rate of the "e-cig" speaks for itself and has been proven to save up to 80% on your regular cash outlay on cigarettes. It would also make a life changing Christmas gift for a friend or loved one.

You will find many types of e-cig on the market I'm sure but when faced with the task of quitting smoking you need the support and back up of people you trust. Call in on Damien and Tom and you're in safe, professional hands. Our next generation of Stalybridge Traders. Merry Christmas guys from us all at Stalybridge Town.

Goodnight and sleep well to Stalybridge and all our townsfolk, wherever you are tonight.


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