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Christmas Candle, 12th December 2013


The journey our Christmas Candle is taking has become such a pleasure to post. Today I called in to see Steve Mayer Opticians on Grosvenor Street. For the best part of two decades Steve has served the community of Stalybridge keeping our eyes in check.

I enjoyed looking on the walls at the pictures the children who have visited had drawn while they were either waiting for their parents or their own appointments.

Such a friendly atmosphere and professional approach, it's no wonder Stalybridge has entrusted our family eyecare to them for so long.

I had a chat with Anda while I was there who was busily putting up decorations. She very kindly told me that whatever we were doing in Stalybridge is working. The spirit of the town is coming back and we're walking around with our heads high, proud of our home.

Stay with us Stalybridge and help us keep the positive flow going. It's all the small things.

Goodnight to all our townsfolk, wherever you are tonight.


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