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Christmas Candle, 8th December 2013


Tonight's Christmas Candle picture come from Malay Cuisine & Bistro Bar on Grosvenor , Stalybridge.

It was wonderful meeting Edward and discussing some amazing recipes we will be sharing in 2014. Emma with Edward and other gastronomic aficionados in town to bring some flavours from all over the world to Stalybridge kitchens.

Do you have a favourite Christmas recipe to share that has been passed down through the family line? I find that Christmas just is not Christmas without certain aromas that bring memories of years passed.

It was lovely to see the holly and the Christmas wreaths at the market on Saturday, the smells of fresh breads and jars of home made jams alongside the most amazing cup cakes and treats.

I love the smell of Christmas, along with all the lights. Log fires in the fire place, on those cold winter nights. The smell of Christmas goodies, that are baked with tender care. The smell is just the greatest, there's nothing to compare. ...

(for the rest of the poem see

If you have any family favourite Christmas recipes to share with please email with the method and a selection of photographs and we will add them to our good food guide and share them with the town.

Sleep well Stalybridge.


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