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The Tale of the Cat from The Age - Jul 20, 1934

Most of you, of course, have heard of Cheshire Cats and their famous grins; well here is a true story of another Cheshire cat called Ginger.

Ginger lives at the railway station of Stalybridge, and is well known up and down the line. Often he takes it into his head to have a free train ride, and sometimes finds himself being send back in a hamper.

Ginger first appeared in Stalybridge about five years ago and has established himself firmly in the hearts of station staff. At midday, when the Huddersfield to Leeds train pulls in, Ginger may be seen making his way to the dining car, where he knows he will get a first class meal. Having dined, he usually decides whether it would be better to go for a journey or to get off the train.

Once he was discovered in North Wales, and he has turned up so often at Crewe that he is just as well know there as at Stalybridge, through his vists are short.

Usually, after a look round and a saucer of milk at the Crewe buffet, he takes the first train back to Stalybridge.

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